Dec 28, 2011

Words of Kindness

Raising 2 teenage daughters in todays world is complicated to say the least.
Each day proves to be a challenge. Some new, some old.
Being a Christian is not always the easy route to take , but it is the Right route to take.
Unfortunately in todays media, the popular are dressed in name brand clothes, most extremely thin and having a bad girl sassy sarcastic attitude is the norm.
It is such a mixed message that media is sending, our daughters are effected by this.
I try to tell my daughters they are beautiful the way they are, no matter their size.
I also try to instill in them that they need to watch what they say because words hurt.
I tell my girls that their beauty lies within their hearts not just in their looks.

I was searching Vinyl Word art last night and found a beautiful quote I would like to share.

God is my strength, and with him we will never be alone.------  Misty


Olivia said...

This is SO encouraging! It is obviously the right road to take, being a Christian, but it is always really helpful to often be reminded of this! You have a great blog & I love reading it! if you want to follow my blog, feel free to, but otherwise, keep blogging & I'll keep reading your really great blog!

wackysaver said...

aww thx Olivia, you too are very encouraging. It is awesome to see a young lady so on fire for Jesus!!