Dec 14, 2011

ClothesPin Reindeer Ornaments

I love these little Reindeer Ornaments. It brings back such great memories of when my Oldest Children were young, we made these one year and it was so much fun!
  • 2 or 3 clothespins
  • wood glue
  • little red pom poms
  • Small wiggle eyes (7mm size will work well)
  • Tiny Red Ribbon

1.Glue 2 clothes pins together. Glue one facing up for antlers and the 2nd facing down for feet .
2.Glue on wiggle eyes.
3. Glue on red pom pom nose.
4. If you want a tail, Cotton can be pulled from a cotton ball to make a white tail.
5. Glue on a red tie ,If you want a bow-tie for the little reindeer.
6. Glue on string to hang it from the tree

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