Feb 15, 2010

Make your own Eye Makeup Remover

This is simple receipe that costs less than $1 to make.
Mix: 1 Cup Water
1/2 Tablespoon Tearless Baby Shampoo
1/4 Teaspoon of Baby Oil. 
~Pour into a  Small Jar or Bottle ( a condiment bottle, like the ones used for catsup or mustard works well.) 

Feb 11, 2010

Make Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes from Receiving Blankets

How to make Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes. The Easy way for those DIY'ers is to use receiving blankets. I remember having extra blankets after my baby shower.
Another option is using Clearance flannel from the Fabric Store.

1.Cut your blanket into 3 long strips, then cut the 3 strips into 4 seperate equal sized squares.

2.Sew 2 squares together , leaving one corner open. Pull fabric rightside out and then sew the corner.I would use a regular straight stitch for the blankets and a zigzag stitch for the flannel. Each blanket will make a total of 6 wipes.
Once you make the wipes, Place the cloth wipes in a very sturdy Gallon size baggie or plastic tub with a lid.

3.The easiest wipe solution I have found is:
2 cups water
1 Tablespoon baby shamoo or baby wash.
1 Tablespoon baby oil or 2-3 drops of essential lavender oil.

You can experiment with different variations but be careful on different types of oils some may be harmful, your best bet is to call the doctors office to make sure the oils are not harmful.

Im not by any means a sewing guru but this is a pretty easy DIY project and it is environmentally friendly.

** If you do not have a sewing machine, you can still make these. Cut your receving blankets into the squares and use each square for a wipe.

Feb 7, 2010

Roller Shades~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ To Pull or not To Pull

For all of those of you who do not know, I recently found out I have a very high allergies. I'm trying to find frugal ways to solve some dust collecting issues. So my newest idea is an old one, Roller Shades! They're easy to clean and versatile. Now to find them in the colors I want... or make them?? What to do.To Pull or not to Pull?

To Follow up I have found it cheaper to make your own designer fabric roller shades.
Here are my Directions:
1. Choose your Fabric- make sure it can be ironed.
2. Buy a cheap white vinyl shade or re-use an existing one. Remove shade and you will have the rod. Also remove wood stick from bottom of shade.
3. For Fabric Measuring: Add 8 inches to Length and 2 inches to Width.
4. To create your Hems:
Step 1: Fold top of fabric in 1 inch and press with no-sew.
Step 2:Fold fabric in 1 inch on both sides and press with no-sew.
Step 3: Fold Fabric in 2 inches on the bottom, being careful to place the no-sew on top of the fold. This will leave a pocket to slide in your wood stick from the original blind.
5. Staple the top of your Fabric to the Wooden Dowel or useDouble Sided Tape to attach the fabric.
6. Put up your brackets, roll the material up a bit and your good to go.
** Roller Shades for Allergy Sufferers: You can make these out of Outdoor Fabric,Vinyl Tablecloths or Shower Curtains- these materials are easily wiped clean.

Feb 6, 2010

Great Idea on How to make a Pirates Chest

How Fun!A Pirates Treasure!
This Website has free woodworking plans for a Pirates Chest for DIY'ers.

Another option would be to take an old Wooden Craft Trunk or large Wooden Box you have and Paint it black, Paint on your Scull and crossbones,and fill it with old jewelry and coins.

Feb 3, 2010

$45 Emergency Menu Feeds 5 people for 1 week - Emergency Menu Shopping List

Let me start by saying that this is an Emergency Menu. An Emergency Menu is meant for people in a Emergency situation. There are people who could not fathom what it is like to be in a situation without food, but it happens. For those who are skeptical then this probably does not apply to you.You must shop Discount Food Stores such as Aldi's,SaveALot,Dollar General, Discount Marts,Bargain Warehouses or local Grocery Store Ads.

Turkey- Fully cook Turkey and stuff with 1/4 of the celery heart, onion,salt and pepper.**Remove all the meat from bones and portion it in 1 cup servings.** Do not skip this step. Baggies work well. If you do not have baggies, put it in regular cups and cover it with a grocery bag or tape. There should be atleast 6 cups.Save the bones,neck, and giblets for the Turkey&Dumplings Soup.
(you will need to strain the soup after boiling).

Water Based Ham- Cut into 4 Large Sections

Milk- There are 16 - 8oz servings. I suggest adding some water 1/4 of the way thru to stretch it to make 20 servings. That is 4 days of milk for 5 people.
~A side note: Milk freezes well, if you have an extra gallon, throw it in the freezer until you need it. We sit it on the counter to thaw.

Snacks will be Leftovers

Breakfast Drinks: Hot Tea w/Cinnamon&Sugar or Milk to drink.
Breakfast- Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Sugar each morning.

Lunch Drink: Water
Lunch- Ramen Noodles with chopped Turkey, and baby carrots or celery.

Dinner Drinks: Hot Tea with Cinnamon&Sugar, Iced Tea, Milk or Water
1)Macaroni&Cheese with Diced Ham - Corn
*Dice and fry up 1/4 of ham w/ half of 1 onion, Add 2 Boxes Mac&Cheese according to directions.

2)Turkey&Dumplings Soup(this will make 2 meals)
*Boil Bones,Neck etc., Add 2 cups diced Turkey,1 Diced Onion,1/4 diced Celery Heart and leaves,5 Diced baby Carrots. When All is Boiling Open Bisquits and pull each bisquit into 3 pices and add to Boil. Let cool and eat.

3)Ham Shepherds Pie
*Boil and Mash 5 potatoes-Salt&Pepper to taste
*Bottom Layer Up-Mash Potatoes,Corn,1/4Bag Cheese,Diced Ham,1 can Bisquits on Top

4)Sliced Turkey, Baked Potatoes w/cheese, Green Beans

5)Ham, Crm of Mushroom Soup, Bag of Egg Noodles
*Boil 3/4 bag Egg Noodles.In Seperate Bowl Mix Diced Ham, 1/2 Onion,1 can Cream
Mushroom Soup and 1/2 can Water. Add Noodles and Mixture to 9x13 baking
Pan and Bake for 30 minutes. Top with Homemade Bread coupons if you like.

6) Rice&Beans w/stewed Tomatoes and Ham
*Cook your Rice and Beans, add 1 onion, can of stewed Tomatoes an Diced Ham.
Simmer for 10-15 minutes.

7) Fried Ham and Potatoes and Green Beans
*Fry up 5 or 6 Potatoes add Diced Ham, serve with Green Beans

*~ Shopping List ~*
Water based Ham-7.00
Box of tea-.99
2 Loaves Bread-1.98
2 6pks Ramen-2.00
Egg Noodles-.79
Bag of Shredded Cheese-1.49
bag of baby carrots- .99
Bag of Celery - .79
Bag of Onions-1.49
2 cans corn-.78
2 cans greenbeans-.78
1can crm mush soup-.49
1 bag of potatoes-1.49
4 cans bisquits-1.00
1 can stewed tomatoes-.49
1 small box sugar-1.25
1 cinnamon-.49
Vegetable Oil-1.49
3 lbs bannannas-.39lb-1.17
Total 41.80
Sales Tax*8% 3.34
Grocery Total 45.14

At the end of this week you will have leftover oil,potatoes,rice,noodles,and beans to start the next week off. I would suggest working in flour,rice and beans for the next week- as they are staples.

Jan 20, 2010

$49 Emergency Food Menu for 5

This menu does not require alot of preparation. This menu is designed for the working family who is struggling. This menu assumes that your kitchen is bare and have no supplies on hand.
For those of you who use coupons, you could probably cut $5-$10off, bringing the cost down to $40. For those of you who are shopping for this menu, the key to saving will be shopping at food marts,bread outlets,bargain factories and local grocery store sale ads. I am also making a bare neccesities menu with less choices that will cost less.

If you are wanting to help a family in need this is a great resource for providing a weeks worth of food. Just Print the menu,Place it in a card and deliver the groceries. God Blesses you and God Bless those who Bless others.

Breakfast:PButter toast,Milk to drink (10pc.bread 3tbs PButter)
Lunch: 4pks RamenNoodles,2pk Lunchmeat,Can of Corn---Tea to drink
Dinner:Rice,Beans,Ham (use 1/3ofham, Rice,1bag beans,1onion,Pepper,Salt)--water to drink

Breakfast:Pancakes w/Jelly, Hot Tea w/Cinnamon&Sugar
Lunch:4Ramen Noodles,2eggs,Can of GreenBeans
Dinner:Chicken & Dumplings w/Can of Carrots (1bag legquarters,3cans bisquits,1can carrots)

Breakfast -biscuits w/beeflunchmeat and egg(5eggs)(5biscuits)(1pklunchmeat)= water
Lunch:pb&J sandwiches,carrots,celery(half of each bag)
Dinner:Fried Potatoes w/ham and onions,Salt and Pepper (8potatoes,1/3ofham,1onion)

Breakfast:Rice-n-Milk w/cinnamon& Sugar (2cups rice,2cups Milk) -Hot Tea
Lunch:Mac&Cheese with HotDogs(2boxes Mac&Chz 4 HotDogs)
Dinner:2cans Tuna,1can Crm Mushroom Soup,1box Pasta

Breakfast: PeanutButter Oatmeal w/Cinnamon&Sugar -OJ to drink
Lunch: 4RamenNoodles,2pk Lunch Meat,can of Corn-- water to drink
Dinner:2 Boxes Mac&Cheese w/ham, 1 onion,Salt&Pepper,1can Peas,Bread(5pc)
-Hot Tea to Drink

Breakfast:Pancakes w/syrup- Hot Tea w/Cinnamon&Sugar
Lunch:PB&J Sandwiches,Carrots,Celery(half of each bag)-Water to drink
Dinner:Lunchmeat Gravy over Biscuits (2cans) and 4eggs - Hot Tea w/cinnamon&sugar.

Breakfast:Rice-n-milk w/Cinnamon&Sugar- Water to drink
(2cup Rice,2 cup Milk)-Hot Tea with Cinnamon&Sugar
Lunch:Hotdogs wrapped in bisquits,1 can of Corn
(4hotDogs cut in half-2cans biscuits)-Tea to drink
Dinner:4 Fried HotDogs,Bag of Mixed Veggies,1egg,2cups Rice - Water to drink

--add 1 extra can of water if you want to stretch your OJ
--Depending on your family size, snacks will be the extra Potatoes,Bread,Rice,Peanut Butter,Oatmeal and Lunch Meat and Dinner Leftovers.
--with the extra money you save, you could buy some bananas for potassium


2loaves Sandwich Bread- $1.60
1 Gal Milk (1cupservings)-$2.98
Box of Tea- $1
2 MultiPacks ramen Noodles(6 in each)-$2
6pks cheap lunchmeat .45each-$2.80
1 can Corn-.39
1 can GreenBeans-.39
1 Carrots-.39
1 can Peas-.39
1 Bag rice-$1
1 Bag Beans-.80
1 water based ham-$7
Bag of Onion-1.25
Pepper&Salt travelcontainers pack-$1
Pancake Mix-$1
Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters-$2.50
8cans Biscuits (.25ea)-$2
Jar of Jelly-$1
Bag Fresh Carrots-.79
Bag Fresh Celery-.79
2 cans Tuna-$1
Bag of Potatoes- $1.50
can Cream Mushroom Soup-.39
4 Box Mac&Cheese (.25ea)-1.00
2Pks Hot Dogs (.88ea)-1.76
2 Bags Egg noodles (.79ea)-1.58
Big Container Instant Oatmeal:$1
2 cans OJ-1.98
1 Bag Mixed veggies- .99
44.56+3.56 tax=48.12