Jun 2, 2011

Make Ahead Pie Crust Mix.

I have been looking for Make Ahead Mixes and My dearest Friend Annie brought me a Wonderful Cookbook titled "Make-A-Mix Cookery".
This is an old cook book but Wow, what an awesome find!
I am really interested in Urban HomeSteading lately and this fits right into being self-sufficent for food.
In the next month or so I will be posting different Make-Ahead-Mixes and from these base mixes, you can easily make other recipes that are in the book.
 If anyone would like to know what the other recipes are, just ask (o:

Moist Pie Crust Mix
- 5 Lbs all-purpose Flour                        - 1/4 Cup all-purpose Flour as needed
- 2 Tbsp Salt                                              - 3 Cups Water
- 1 (3lb) can Vegetable Shortening

1)Combine four and salt in a very large bowl.Mix well
2)Cut in shortening until evenly distributed- Mixture will resemble cornmeal in texture.
3)Add cold water all at once and mix lightly until the flour absorbs all the water and looks like putty.
If dough is too sticky, sprinkle a little flour over the top and mix till dough clings together.
4)Divide dough into 10 oblong rolls.
5)Wrap each roll in Saran Wrap and heavy foil. Freeze.
Use within 12 months.
Makes 10rolls , enough for 10 double crust pies or 20 single pies.

1)To make moist Pie Crust
2)Divide dough into 2 balls.
3)Roll out to desired thickness(easy way:place between 2 floured wax sheets)
4)Place dough in 9 inch pie plate without stretching. Flute Edges.
If filling recipe calls for a baked crust, bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes

*For a Double Crust
Place top crust over filling, press and flute edges, and cut slits in top crust.

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