Mar 31, 2011

Build your own Solar oven Cooker

DIY Solar Oven Cooker

I started researching Solar Ovens when my oven that was only 2 years old quit working
( Go figure, we had a 1 year warranty).
 I thought this was a very easy plan to build.
 I really think we as a society need to start focusing on using Solar Energy instead of  Fossil Fuels.
I look forward to building this soon!

Mar 7, 2011

Make a Mini Greenhouse

Summer is on its way, I can't wait!!
This is a great way frugal way to start your little seedlings.Love , Love this idea.

Reuse that Pop, Juice or Water bottle instead of just tossing it.
It's fun for the kids and momas too!!

Mar 2, 2011

Repurpose Parmesan Cheese Containers

Wait , Stop!!
Can you believe I almost threw out my Parmesan Cheese container, then I hesitated.
I knew I could find a use for it but what???
So I searched the Internet and decided to share my finds with you!
Great Uses:
Instant Potato Flakes - Everyday use or thicken soups
Powdered Sugar- Sprinkle on Desserts
Rice Storage
Bread Crumbs
Cinnamon and Sugar Mixture for Toast
Scrap booking Supplies
Storing Buttons or Craft Items, Popsicle sticks
Odds and Ends storage- screws, nuts, bolts
Baking Soda- Freshen the carpet , cleaning, cat box or Baking
Garden Fertilizer
Grass Seed - for those spur of the moment bare spots.

***Please remember if you use these as food storage and are serving anyone with a milk allergy (at home, potluck etc.) it may cause an allergic reaction.