Jul 25, 2011

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

Moms know that School is starting soon !
I am going to post different ways to save money in getting your kids ready for school
My friend Krista had these adorable little Snack Bags at a play date.
I fell in love with them! I am so frugal that I will not spend money to buy them.
So... after months of drooling eachtime I see these(lol), I have decided to break out the sewing machine and make my own.

Some of the variations I have seen are:
  •  Cotton fabric with a cereal bag as the liner
  • Using a Vinyl place mat
  • Using a Vinyl Table Cloth
  • Adding a Zipper to the bags instead of Velcro
  • Making the bag with a drawstring top
  • Using Grocery bags as a liner
  • Monogramming the bags
*some tutorials use plu fabric and I personally will not use it because of the chemicals.

 If you would rather buy these or a different pattern,  you can buy them  fairly cheap on www.etsy.com    
I hope this inspires you to break out your sewing machine too!! !