May 4, 2011

We are all still cleaning up from the Destructive ThunderStorm/Hail that blew through my small town on May 3rd . This last month has been a whirlwind. Our small town was hit with destructive winds up to 80mph ( I think it was a Microburst) some say a Gustanado, some say a Thunderstorm. 

As far as the Insurance Companies go, the storm was considered a catastrophe.
Home and barn roofs were blown off, sheds and buildings pulled from the ground, and huge old trees were completely uprooted.

 Luckily many Insurance Companies have covered  this damage for some.Although the process is slow and many are still waiting to get things repaired, it is getting done. Our roof is being replaced now as I type.
Who knew so many nails could come off a 108 year old house. I hijacked my roofers rolling magnet and asked to keep it overnight -lol.

This storm has also been a Blessing to us, we were thinking about getting a new roof and we really wanted to get my daughter a new swingset but could not afford it. The winds blew over our huge wooden playfort (destroyed) as well as damaged our roof.  GOD is good even in the middle of the storms of Life!
Our insurance covered both. Huge Blessing!!