Oct 29, 2008

Sense of Pride in My Small Town

Last week, while exiting the McDonald's drive-thru, we pulled on the main highway. My Husband and I realized that there was a Funeral Procession. The light was green but each car was pulled over on our 2 Lane Highway that goes smack down the middle of town. Wow, there must have been 100 cars because the Procession was very long an lasted probably 10 minutes. A sense of calm came over us as we opened our dinner and began eating. No complaining, just a sense of Awe. Respect for another persons loved one proceeded anything that was planned that day. " Only in my town" I thought. Only in my town.

Oct 17, 2008

HallOWEeN Ideas

CoStUmE IdeaS:

  • Make your Own Costume-Surf the net and come up with an idea or look at patterns at Walmart etc, Family and Friends have great ideas. - mine is going to be a Cowgirl Princess this year.
  • Shop around Thrift Stores - My daughter just had to be a Prom Queen-so I bought a Prom dress for $3.00 and added some material to the front (the material was from her home-made curtains).
  • Borrow a costume from family members or friends.
  • Shop Consignment stores, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Clearance Deals.


  • Take down your curtains and rip up some old crummy sheets and hang them, turn your lights down low to add a spook appeal.
  • A lot of radio stations play scary music for Halloween-turn on the radio (monitor the scariness)
  • Make gravestones out of old scrap wood or old home-made yard sale signs. Cut to size and paint.
  • Cobwebs out of Cotton Batting for quilts. If you've taken apart an old quilt or pillow you can use the batting and stretch it gently for home made cobwebs.
  • Build a Fire-Pit for smores and to keep warm- check your insurance policy (just in case of an accident) * You could have a culdron to look like a stew*
  • Make home made ghosts from the old sheets and roll up newspaper to stuff inside for the heads.
  • Shop local thrift stores for Decorations.