Apr 1, 2009

Craigslist Warning:

I often visit Craigslist to see different deals but I am concerned that there has not been more of a crackdown on their "erotic" section. This really bothers me. I would greatly warn others to avoid letting their children search this site.

Cheap Wedding Locations

Summer Wedding Ideas.
1.Gazebos at your Local Park or Town Square are a very Inexpensive.
-call your local park department and ask them if they have gazebos, where they are located, and the cost. Then go check it out.
2. Friend with a beautiful back yard or farm- alot of people are now looking to family and friends with yards that have beautiful landscaping.
3. Churchyard- ask your church if you can use their churchyard. You can also ask your pastor if he knows of anyone in the church who would be willing to let you use their yard.
4. Local Pond- if there is a breathtaking pond near your home, ask to use it for a small fee and have a clean-up crew in mind.
5. Family or friends with a beautiful staircase or historic home. We recently attended a small wedding service at a family members historic house and it was beautiful.
6. Newly opened or Local Bed and Breakfast.
This is great advertising for them and you can often work out a good deal.
7. Local VFW or Legions Hall. Many times you will need to provide your own decorations.

Saving Money on Wedding Decorating(soon to come)