Dec 8, 2009

Weeping Willow Waterer

I hear that
A weeping willow tree limb cut up in 1" to 2" and put in water is the best for watering your plants.
Leave it in there for about 24 hours before you use it.

Nov 18, 2009

The big hit lately seems to be Word Art.
I just love the signs these days. Everything from Vintage looking Bath signs to Chic and Trendy Teenage sayings.

So I decided to make some. These pics are from the internet. I can't post the pics of the ones I made because some of you who may be reading this will be getting them for Christmas/other occasions coming up.

I will be however making some for my home and I'll post those pictures!

If you have the scrap wood and paint, the only cost is time.
To find signs I typed "Handmade Signs" or "Wooden Signs" into google
and clicked on Images

Materials needed:
Scrap Wood
Paint (can be bought at walmart for 45cents each color)
Paint Brush
Stencils (free templates are online to print or view)

Nov 17, 2009

Organic Gardening

Ok- SO I was all gunho on switching to Organic Gardening and lets just say it didn't work out quite right. Alot of the items did not compost down and it was a mess. So a local dump was giving out free compost, seriously rich and black compost. I received a truckload from a friend and planted in it. It worked great! Wonderful soil and fertilizer. Now that I have moved, If its possible I will be getting another truckload in 2010, the soil here is mostly clay.So lesson learned and money saved.

--on a side note, I will still be recycling into my garden my veggie scraps,fish tails, and egg shells this coming year.

Nov 16, 2009

An update to Saving Money on Weddings

Another idea is to use a barn of a friend or family member. We're hoping my brother and soon to be sis-n-law uses ours. I will start posting simple deco ideas with pictures.

Apr 1, 2009

Craigslist Warning:

I often visit Craigslist to see different deals but I am concerned that there has not been more of a crackdown on their "erotic" section. This really bothers me. I would greatly warn others to avoid letting their children search this site.

Cheap Wedding Locations

Summer Wedding Ideas.
1.Gazebos at your Local Park or Town Square are a very Inexpensive.
-call your local park department and ask them if they have gazebos, where they are located, and the cost. Then go check it out.
2. Friend with a beautiful back yard or farm- alot of people are now looking to family and friends with yards that have beautiful landscaping.
3. Churchyard- ask your church if you can use their churchyard. You can also ask your pastor if he knows of anyone in the church who would be willing to let you use their yard.
4. Local Pond- if there is a breathtaking pond near your home, ask to use it for a small fee and have a clean-up crew in mind.
5. Family or friends with a beautiful staircase or historic home. We recently attended a small wedding service at a family members historic house and it was beautiful.
6. Newly opened or Local Bed and Breakfast.
This is great advertising for them and you can often work out a good deal.
7. Local VFW or Legions Hall. Many times you will need to provide your own decorations.

Saving Money on Wedding Decorating(soon to come)

Mar 21, 2009

How to get Free Plants

1)Join Arbor Day and get 10 free trees with a membership.
2)Plant swap with friends, church members,& family
3)Organize or join a plant swap group
4)Post an ad on craigslist for wanted plant starts or cuttings
5)Call up your local funeral home and offer to take any leftover plants that are getting thrown away.
6)Save your seeds from the year
7)Divide your current plants and repot them.
8)Visit - this provides jobs to people with disabilities
9)Ask a local nature activity park if you can have a start from their plants on display.
10)ask a local nursery for their unsold plants that they are going to throw out.
11)Call up local landscape companies and ask for any job extras.

Mar 19, 2009

I can't Believe It ! Spring Is almost Here!! Organic Gardening

I am so excited about Spring and warmer weather. I have a great treat for everyone! Its a New approach to Traditional Gardening. This year I am going Organic in the Garden or also known as Lasagna Gardening.

So Put the Shovel Down- *No Digging & No Tilling*

* Find your spot. You can use an existing garden spot or make a new one.*
Now for the different Layers
1)Layer the ground with brown cardboard or wet newspapers (5-6 sheets thick)
2)pile on the peat moss
3)throw on your veggie compost: cut up veggie scraps,egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.
4)layer with browns
5)layer with manure
6)layer w/leaves

Repeat process until 2-4 feet high
You can layer with saw dust, wood ashes, composted manure, shredded junk mail, etc.

I just started this process around 2 months ago and I will probably cover mine with black plastic until it gets warmer to speed up the composting process.

I am not a novice at this yet so here's a couple links to the full detailed instructions. You can also check out some books from the library for extra help.


Have Fun!!