Mar 19, 2009

I can't Believe It ! Spring Is almost Here!! Organic Gardening

I am so excited about Spring and warmer weather. I have a great treat for everyone! Its a New approach to Traditional Gardening. This year I am going Organic in the Garden or also known as Lasagna Gardening.

So Put the Shovel Down- *No Digging & No Tilling*

* Find your spot. You can use an existing garden spot or make a new one.*
Now for the different Layers
1)Layer the ground with brown cardboard or wet newspapers (5-6 sheets thick)
2)pile on the peat moss
3)throw on your veggie compost: cut up veggie scraps,egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.
4)layer with browns
5)layer with manure
6)layer w/leaves

Repeat process until 2-4 feet high
You can layer with saw dust, wood ashes, composted manure, shredded junk mail, etc.

I just started this process around 2 months ago and I will probably cover mine with black plastic until it gets warmer to speed up the composting process.

I am not a novice at this yet so here's a couple links to the full detailed instructions. You can also check out some books from the library for extra help.


Have Fun!!

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