Feb 7, 2010

Roller Shades~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ To Pull or not To Pull

For all of those of you who do not know, I recently found out I have a very high allergies. I'm trying to find frugal ways to solve some dust collecting issues. So my newest idea is an old one, Roller Shades! They're easy to clean and versatile. Now to find them in the colors I want... or make them?? What to do.To Pull or not to Pull?

To Follow up I have found it cheaper to make your own designer fabric roller shades.
Here are my Directions:
1. Choose your Fabric- make sure it can be ironed.
2. Buy a cheap white vinyl shade or re-use an existing one. Remove shade and you will have the rod. Also remove wood stick from bottom of shade.
3. For Fabric Measuring: Add 8 inches to Length and 2 inches to Width.
4. To create your Hems:
Step 1: Fold top of fabric in 1 inch and press with no-sew.
Step 2:Fold fabric in 1 inch on both sides and press with no-sew.
Step 3: Fold Fabric in 2 inches on the bottom, being careful to place the no-sew on top of the fold. This will leave a pocket to slide in your wood stick from the original blind.
5. Staple the top of your Fabric to the Wooden Dowel or useDouble Sided Tape to attach the fabric.
6. Put up your brackets, roll the material up a bit and your good to go.
** Roller Shades for Allergy Sufferers: You can make these out of Outdoor Fabric,Vinyl Tablecloths or Shower Curtains- these materials are easily wiped clean.


Anonymous said...

It would be great to be able to design your own shade, only is it cheaper? Thanks for the tip

wackysaver said...

If you have an old roller shade and material it would be cheaper.