Dec 13, 2011

Holiday Themed Zenni Optical Frames are Coming to Town!

I found this awesome website that has the cutest eye glasses and…
 Wait for it…. they are reasonably priced!
 I am a mother of a teen girl who wears glasses.
I know first hand how important it is
to have fashionable eye glasses.
But, I must be able to buy glasses that
will not put a huge dent in my budget.
Here is the fun part.
When you visit the website Zenni Optical 
you can upload a picture of yourself 
and try on each frame 
to see which looks one looks best on you!
  • Have fun,  go to the website
  • look to the right of the screen and upload a picture of your face.
  • Next, Click on a frame you like and then Click "Try On"
It is that easy.

You have to admit being able to
try your glasses on before you buy them
is a huge plus when purchasing online!!
I have never seen that feature on a website before.
Here are a few of my favorites under $30.

So, Have you checked out all the fantastic eyewear Zenni Optical has in stock?
Many of these frames come in your favorite festive holiday colors!
Here is my favorite Holiday Pair.

 $19.00 WOW!

I could save a ton of money buying these frames
which would leave extra cash to buy
my daughter her class ring or some new boots.

Let me know which ones you like
If you buy a pair or two let me know in the comments.
Have Fun!!
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Angie said...

Wow! That is a good price on frames!