Dec 14, 2011

Hershey Kiss Edible Ornaments


I love these edible Little Mouse Ornaments.
Wouldn't these be cute tied to the Top of a Christmas Present for decoration.

2 Hershey kisses

small wiggle eyes
Pink Ribbon
Pink Felt or Pink Craft Paper
Fishing Line, String or Thread

Cut fishing line and make a loop, Put Piece of double stick tape on kiss and affix the Loop to the End of one of the kisses. Also attach the ears to the tape at this time.
Use Doublestick Tape to attach the 2 Flat End of the kisses together.
Glue on Wiggly eyes.
Use Double stick tape for attaching the Pink Ribbon for the Tail.
Let me know if you like this idea or will use it and how it goes (O:

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