Dec 2, 2011

Organizing your Life with Fly lady

I found a new site called fly lady. Through reading, she has really motivated me to get things in my life organized on a DAILY basis. Not just before holidays or party's, I am talking Life Organization. I am doing the Baby Steps. I encourage everyone to read her page.

So here is the habits I am trying to form and doing a pretty good job at it.
**Daily Baby Steps**  Here are the Baby Steps
Getting up and getting Dressed first thing of the day. (even if I have a robe over my clothes.)
I may invest in a few more hoodies for warmth because its kind of embarrassing people seeing me in my pretty pink robe. (sorry Jen-lol)

Keeping my Kitchen Sink clean ( I have a no clutter zone)
If this zone is clean, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
If your a stay at home mom and this is one of your husbands pet peeves, ask him what compromise would make him happy? Example,if you can not always have the dishes done, would he  pick the counters clear or the sink cleaned.
Here are the Hot Spots I have accomplished:
  "hot spots"- areas in your home that collect clutter.
Fly Lady says choose only the things that you use and love.
I cleaned out 2 junk drawers , my china hutch and my entry way. 
OOOh my goooshhhh,  it was hard to pitch the items in the junk drawer, I seriously wanted to cry. 
I did it, I feel better, and its gone ! So is the burden of not having it clean!
I am released from that Burden!
 ---my husband got excited when I showed him each day what I had done.
Today I did the challenge of Cleaning on a Timer.
I gave myself 30 minutes to pick up my house.
Now, I chose before I started cleaning to be happy with my accomplishment.
I may not get everything done, (repeat) but I must choose to be happy with my accomplishment!
**I have realized it is so much easier to clean on a time schedule if you do not have "Hot Spots" cluttering your home. I confess, I did it in 35 minutes. Hey, I am a work in progress.
Now, I have time for other planned things that I have to get accomplished today.

Things, I still need to work on
- Writing down a morning Routine
- Writing down a nightly Routine

I hope I encourage you to read fly lady. Remember with Gods help, we can be molded into the person he has designed for us to be!

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