Dec 22, 2011

Christmas Checklist

As I made my 2rd run to the grocery store tonight 
for last minute items,
I am guessing alot of people are in the same boat. 

Here is a last Minute Christmas checklist so we are all
not running into eachother like crazy chickens-lol.
The last thing we want to look like is this
Take a Minute and Grab a Pen and Paper.
1. Do you have last minute gifts to buy- if so buy them. 
Online Gift Cards can be sent to your families email and then printed off.
(This year we sent our family in Japan 
Toys R Us Gift Cards delivered straight to their Inbox)
2.Do you need to wrap the last of your gifts.
3.Sort your gifts according to occasion
-write with permanent marker on trashbags if necessary
4. Have you bought all your groceries? 
-If not, Make a last minute Grocery list according to store.
5.Have you cleaned out your fridge??
you will need the room!
(I have been working on mine in spare time for 2 days)
6. Is your bathroom clean? Most guests will use it.
7. Ask yourself - Can I make some items the day before and refrigerate them?
- this will make your life easier
8.Have you picked out your clothes? less stress!
9. Are you hand delivering items/gifts? Make a plan. 
10. Pamper yourself, even if its only 30 minutes,you deserve it!!

Take a long bath or shower and have
a glass of wine or nice hot cup of cocoa.

Remember, if you can't get to everything,
then prioritize and be content 
with what you have achieved!!

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