Jan 9, 2012

My Weight Watchers 3 Week Weigh-In

I started Weight Watchers for many different reasons. I would like to lose weight.
Let me say that I do not want to be skinny. I am a curvy girl and I like my curves.
I want to be healthier. 
Healthier for me ,and healthier for my family. 

So, Here I am,  Week 3 Weigh-In.
This week has dragged by. 
My poor treadmill is slowly dying. . 
Oh it is so frustrating!
I need to find one fast before it completely kicks the bucket! 
I dream of a Treadmill like this.
This week,my points changed from 30 to 29.

Now to my Weigh-In, 
WOOHOO!!! I lost 1 lb this week. 
That brings my total for 3 weeks to 3.8lbs. 
Thank God! 
Seriously, this week has been tough. I have not exercised as much due to my treadmill. 
I also have not tracked like I should.

However, I am proud that I am changing the way me and my family eat. 
I am diligently working more whole grains to our meals and finding easy recipes to make.

My favorite food of the week is:
 Sushi Rolls from Costco, yumm, they are 8 points for 8 rolls. 
Worth it to me because they were very filling.
(-- I have a recipe in the works using brown rice and crab meat....to be continued)

My mistakes of the week are:
Chicken Ceasar Salad with Polenta Bread- I will admit , when I took a bite of the fried polenta , I knew it was all downhill from there. 
34 Points for the salad and that's not including the dressing!! 
When I read the Point count, I thought are you kidding me, Its Chicken and salad. Oh how I was misled by all the greens...errr...

So enough on the negative. 
The positive is that
I did lose 1 lb, and I am on my way!

The reason I am loving going to the meeting
is because
I am held accountable.

 I really look forward to it!


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