Jan 2, 2012

I joined Weight Watchers

Well I waited to tell anyone about this until I actually lost weight, I am a bit of a skeptic.

I joined Weight Watchers.
This was my 2nd weigh in.
I started the week before Christmas ,and I thank God did not gain any weight over the Christmas Holiday.
I have a goal of  losing 55 lbs.
Before you ask,
             No, I will not tell you how much I weigh.
(well..... maybe when I lose some more)

So back to how much I have lost,
I lost 2.8lbs this last week and am so proud of myself!!!!
Seriously, I usually quit diets about 3 days in,
I rarely exercise due to a neck injury and
 I think I have gained weight on most of the "crash" diets I go on.
Now Weight Watchers is a whole new outlook,
it is definately about eating healthier for life.

I am learning to incorporate this in my life.
My teens and husband could eat their weight in Junk food.
So I am making some changes around the house.
Here is some of the changes I have made:
  • Get rid of most of the Junk, some I keep for my family. They are teens and my husband has a huge sweet tooth.
  • I am buying lots of veggies and fruit - fresh and frozen
  • I am controlling my portions , measuring things and weighing my food.
  • I track my points on my handy dandy little point calculator,                                                                  I may switch to the iphone app (because I heard it rocks!)
  • I drink mostly water, except for my occasional mixed drinks or wine.
  • I am exericising- yep, can't believe it I actually did 3 miles last week, trust me that's a huge start.
  • My exercise one day consisted of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 mins and another 15mins to equal 45 minutes.I do what I can, when I can, for as long as I can.
  • I cleared out 1 cabinet and it is now all mine for my healthy snacks. I baggied up my snacks and wrote with a sharpie on the outside how many points each snack is. I even bought candy for my sweet tooth days.
So here is how I am feeling emotionally:
I actually wake up happy , looking forward to exercise and eating right because, I have a goal. versus I use to wake up dreading not being able to figure out how to get control.
I am trying to be religious about going to my meetings , I need someone to weigh me and hold me accountable. I need the support.
Plus we get yummy recipes each night and a chance to win free stuff.
Weight Watchers say that the average weight loss is 1-2 lbs a week . I lost 2.8, so hey I am on my way!
If you think long term , 1 lb a week for the next year would be 52lbs lost, thats pretty amazing to me. 

I'll keep you updated, feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to answer them.

       until next week------ Misty

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