Sep 27, 2011

Clean your Tile the Easy Way

My friend told me she scrubbed her tile floors on hands&knees for 2 1/2 hours
This reminded me of a great time saving cleaning Tip that I shared with her.
Save your back and knees. You will cut your time at least in half.
This in turn inspired me to scrub my tile floors-lol.

All you need is:
A Hard Bristle Broom, Bucket of water,Powder Dishwasher Soap & a mop.

 Pour the water in small amounts on the floor working in sections and
sprinkle with the dishwasher soap.

Use the Hard Bristle Broom and sweep the floor with back and forth motions,concentrating on the grout.
~~ Mop when you are finished with each section.
At the end, I take a washcloth and go around the perimeter and clean up any granules that are left.

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