Sep 28, 2011

Christmas Gift idea #1 - Tea Cup Candles

As Christmas approaches, I have been working on some Handmade Christmas Gift ideas as well as finding great Frugal Store Bought Gifts. We have a large family so every dollar counts.
I saw the tea cup idea on

I made each of these for around .35-1.35.

Here are my directions:
You will need 2-3 Taper Candles Per small cup.
1)Gently break the tapers into sections, being careful to leave them attached to the long wick.
2)Carefully Pull the taper off the wick.
3)Place the chunks of 2 broken tapers into the tin can and place it into a saucepan that is 1/3 full of water.
4)Reduce heat to low and carefully watch the can to make sure water does not boil out- been there done that!
5)Take the wick and measure how long you will need it plus one inch.
6)Tie the wick to a stick. Lay stick over top of cup, positioning the wick in the middle.
7)Pour in the wax and let sit till hard.
8) Cut the wick and your done!!

-I was messy with the first teacup so I sat the teacup in the boiling water and it remelted the wax , leaving it looking even.
--- Dont Dont let the water boil out of the pan or you will be cleaning wax from your pan for at least an hour.
--- Once you place the can in the water, turn the heat down. A lot of Wax is made from petroleum and it needs to be cooked on low.

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