Sep 28, 2011

Christmas Gift #2 -- Mini Crystal Server

Look at this adorable Mini Server!!
If your looking for an easy gift, this one is for you!!!
Luckily, I had each of these Items laying around the house, 
so I did not spend any money out of pocket. 

I am guessing you would spend .25-.50 on Candle Stick Holder 
and $1 on the dish.

You will need:
  1 Glass Candle Stick
1 Vintage Candy Dish
Gorilla Glue 
Glass Paint

1)Spread glue on rim of Candle Stick Holder
2) Evenly sit glass dish on top of Holder
3) Move to safe location and let dry.
4) Paint center with glass paint if need be to conceal gorilla glue
5) Once glue has fully dried,
bake according to directions on paint bottle

*Sometimes less is better with Gorilla Glue, because It expands as it drys.

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