Nov 2, 2011

You Can make a Difference when doing God's Work.

Last Sunday, my Church had a Christ Serve Day. 
Basically as the t-shirts read
"The Church has left the building".
Everyone who participated chose a way to serve others.
We chose to pick up trash, grabbed a few trash bags, got out the little red wagon and put on our tennis shoes and walked a 3-4 block radius with my 5 year old picking up trash.

The touching story comes from my 2 oldest daughter(s) experience. 
They got $10 of their own money and went to the grocery store 
My daughter asked a man in line if she could please buy his groceries for him. 
He said "No, I don't need you  to buy my groceries."
She told him of the church project and asked again. 
He declined.
In the parking lot, he honked at them 
and he said "I would like to give you some money."
My daughter replied " I  can not take your money, we just wanted to help others."
The man told her "That's the nicest thing anyone has done for me."
It just touched my heart,
I can just imagine that that man was kinder last Sunday
...and just maybe
he tried doing something for someone else too.

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