Nov 7, 2011

How to Save Money on Kids Clothes

Saving Money on Kids Clothes

1.Instead of having to buy new Long Sleeves for Fall/Winter, use summer T-Shirts and Buy a pack of Long Sleeve Thermals to go under them.

2. Cut Off those jeans that wont fit your kids next year into Shorts or Capri's. For the shorts, do a half roll and tack on each side, this is the look this year-lol

3.Shoes - scuffs use white shoe polish on sneakers and rubber shoes, black on black shoes or touch-up the sole with a black permanent marker.

4. Shop at Consignment & Thrift Stores.
A lot of Consignment stores will pay you on site for your clothes.

  • Childrens-Orchard

  • 5. Get a Clothes Circle started-
    Get together friends who have had kids 1-2 yrs older than yours or find someone 1-2 yrs younger than yours and meet a month before each season and exchange clothes. Make it a girls night out and have some snacks and play a game. Women can also do this if your friends are similar sizes, have lost or gained weight recently. Teens can come along and exchange too. Yes Guys - this is for you too. Make it a guys night out.

    6. If you cant do a clothes circle - Accept Hand-Me Downs then donate what you or your kids won't wear to churches or different organizations.
    Visa Verse on the Hand-Me Downs - Give yours to a Friend or Family Member
    One of the Greatest Blessings is to Give From Your Heart.

    7. Garage Sales- I love these, Remember to get there early.

    8. There are different Local Free Online Communities that you can sell or buy items with no Insertion Fees.

    9. You can buy kids pants a size larger at the end of the season sales and tack the back or side. When the pants start getting tight, let out the tack. 
    10. Many churches have a " Clothes Closet" where you can get free clothes. 
    I enjoy getting a great deal and stretching the dollar!!

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