Sep 16, 2008

Saving Money on Flowers

Recently, I have been buying Perennials and saving the seeds when they blooms die.
I plan on using these seeds next year in different spots of my yard.

Strictly buying Perennials is hard to do because there are so many beautiful Annuals. Sometimes, If I cant resist the urge I'll wait until the annuals go on sale for $1 or less. Many people bring their annuals in over the winter.

Flower swap. If you have an free online community in your area, place an ad describing the flowers that you are willing to trade and the flowers that you want- pics always help.

Ask your friends or neighbors to trade or if you can have a start from their flowers when they thin them out.

I Love Gardening!!!!!
Dry your Flowers and Make arrangements.
The easiest way is to gather a bunch , wrap a ribbon around them and hang upside down. I rotate them to keep them evenly dried.

Here's a great link for the different methods used.

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