Sep 15, 2008

Reusables- Plastic Grocery Bags, Baggies, Zip up Comforter Bags etc

Why would you throw these away?
1.Use for plastic grocery bags for Small trashcans
2.Put stinky leftovers in one, tie it up and throw away.
-Keeps house smelling better until trash day etc.
3.I use tissue boxes to store the grocery bags in. It makes organizing easy - Throw a label on it.
Grandma uses a Bag Lady or a Tea Towel
Tea Towel Bag Holder- Sew elastic 3-4 inches from top and bottom.Create a loop on back to hang it. Fill and Stuff w/ your bags.

4.Baggies (this is not as hard as you might make it out to be)
Buy the good baggies
Wash out your baggies w/little dish soap,rinse and hang.
You can buy a mountable 3-wand metal towel bar(like grandma use to use) and mount it on the inside of your cabinet doors under the sink. Hang baggies or use clothes pins to attach more.

5.Comforter Zip up bags- store sweaters or next years seasonal clothes etc.

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