Sep 15, 2008

Diaper Wipe Tub uses

Diaper Tub Uses-
Fill with these and more (Slap on a Label for easy organization)
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Kids Toy Blocks or Lego's
  • Craft Items
  • Scratch paper for Notes
  • Scrap Booking Supplies
  • Batteries
  • Broken, Old, or Missing Jewelry Pieces- to save for repairs
  • Receipts
  • Coupons
  • Seeds saved from this years flowers- I found it useful to dry out your flowers and then place them in baggies, labeling as you go. I then organize them in a Diaper Tub.
  • First-Aid Kit- We gathered together all the essentials for our First-Aid Kit, labeled it and stuck it in the Bathroom.

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