Sep 17, 2008


Coupons will save you so much money if you do it right.
This is time consuming at first and takes dedication.
Have faith, I've been told it will get easier -lol
In general - use on sale items to get the best deal.

1. Buy 2-3 Sunday Papers and/or buy them on eBay.
2. Join an free online coupon community.
3. Get at least 2 bi-fold coupon organizers. (Target has these for $1 each)
4. Clip away and file
5. Sign up for coupons online and print them.
6. Shop the weekly ads - some you can find early posted online.
7. Match up your coupons to the ads.
-Most stores will accept 1 in-store coupon(check your limit) and 1 manufacture coupon per item.
-If you buy multiples, use multiples. (this is where buying 2-3 papers comes in)
-Look for Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales and use a coupon on each item. Some stores will allow this.
-Check the stores online website coupons - a lot of times you can use 1 online, 1 in ad, and 1 manufacture coupon per item.
-Get your store discount cards (like Price Chopper, CVS , Walgreen's etc.)

OK, So I've heard that some of the CVS stores have scanners that print your coupons. If your in Missouri, let me know which stores you've seen the scanners in.

Scanners Located:
Blue Springs (S. 7 Hwy)

I am so excited at my CVS finds today
and the great clearance deals.

90% off Clearance:

  • 2 zip up pencil cases
  • 2 insulated school lunch boxes
  • 60- keychain /minatures (markers, cards, pens,pencils,notepads,etc.)
  • 6 clear book caovers-great for laminating stuff
  • 1 Canvas Tote Bag
  • 6 Thermal cups- will be used for Christmas gifts
  • 1 High School musical microphone mini
  • 2 Hannah Montana Ballpoint Pens
  • 1 Hannah Montana Guitar Box with mints
  • 1 Hannah Montana Star Candy filled Tin purse
  • 1 Hannah Montana Spiral Notebook
Reg Clearance Items:

  • 2 body spa packets .25ea
  • 1 food skin care packet .25ea
  • 2 Flower Notepads .50 ea
  • 1 Box clingwrap.50ea
  • 1 Elastic Bandage- .50ea
  • 4 Boxes assorted Bandaid type bandages .50ea
  • 6 boxes of wylers light singles to go-.49 ea
  • 1 paper shredder-7.50
Reg Price Items:

  • 6 Johnson Buddies Bars $1.19ea - have $3/3 Johnsons coupon
  • 4 bottles dawn sale .99- had coupons
  • 2 CGirl Makeup foundation- sale 5.99 b1g1f-used b1g1f coupon
  • 2 funsize bags skittles- sale 2/$4 used 1 mc
  • 1 Fusion Razor- had $4 coupon earn 5.99 ecb

First transaction Transfer Script-get $25 Gift card

2nd Trans- Razor and 2 Cover Girl - total oop 12.35

3rd Trans action -everything else
$0 Dollars OOP and $2.26 left on GCard
Total Saved- 104.00
$$ Ahhh It was a good day to save money$$
CVS Trip 9-27-08
25 Kleenex- I figured we'll use them this winter-lol (Buy @25 KC Deal got 10 CB)
1 Conair Beard Razor Kit (14.99)
1 Binoculars (3.99)
1 Gift Bag
1 Greeting Card
1 Tube Crest Pro health Toothpaste
5 Bottles Purex Laundry Detergent
1 Arizona Tea
1 snack size Bag Sunchips
Total Spent: $31.00

Walgreen's Trip 9-17-08
This is what I bought
3 Glade gel warmers
1 Glade candle
2 Nutrisse Shampoo
1 Nutrisse Styling Product
8 Walgreens gentle bath soap bars
2 Colgate toothpaste-maxfresh
1 crest toothpaste
1 snacksize bars bag of nestle Butterfinger
1 snacksize bars bag of crunch?
4 Wrigley 5 gum packs
Lypsyl Chapstick
Loreal revitalift antiwrinkle concentrate
chemistry hair therapy shampoo
fructis by garnier smooth milk hair creme
revlon nail polish
2 pez dispensers
2 boxes Kashi cereal
1 pantene shampoo
1 pantene conditioner
1 bic soleil disp razors
1 bic cmft 3 disp razors
1 pantene scrunch gel
1 nivea mens body wash
I paid $81.20
I have rebates coming of $60.04
Total oop after rebate check will be $21.16 spent.
cool huh-lol

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Loopedmoon said...

Wow, great finds! Way to save!