Feb 7, 2012

Todays Thrift Store Bargains

....Today is a great example of why I shop at Thrift stores first. Are you ready to hear some great shocking deals........???

Guess how much this Eden Pure home air purifier retails for?.
You may want to sit down for this one lol.......
Overstock has it priced for

Now guess how much I paid for this much needed Air purifier(drum roll please)
Shocked, amazed??? I am!

Some other great deals
Cute flats@ $1.00
New blanket $3.00
Gasket jar@.50
Mason jar mug @.50
Small jar to hold my baking soda toothpaste @.50
Gymboree pants @$1.00
long sleeve tshirt@.50

Had I bought all this retail, I would have spent over $360.00

Its was a great find of a day ¡!

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