Nov 30, 2008

Cheap Christmas Gift ideas or Christmas Gift Alternatives

Aternatives to Spending Alot of Money on Christmas Gifts.

Have you thought about Christmas and are getting together with the family?

  1. If you are not doing gifts another option would be to have a potluck dinner and have the kids bring one of their New toys to play with and play a couple fun games.
  2. If the expense is too much then we could ask that each person bring something that you already have around the house ( you can not go out and buy something) it can be new or used as long as it is something you already have. Like candles, make a gift basket out of food items, homemade spices,candies etc, dvds, clothing, homemade craft items,etc.- still having the kids bring one of their toys from Christmas to play with.
  3. Have a DVD Exchange as gifts. Each person could put together a list of 5-10 movies they like and email the list to each other. If a person has that movie and is willing to exchange it, mark it off the list.- still having the kids bring a christmas toy to play with.
  4. Have a bake exchange (Make sure you have a special spot to hide these items)Each person bring a homemade dessert item, it doesn't have to be fancy or can be really great and you can do that as your White Elephant Exchange.
  5. Home-made frame photo ornament exchange.
  6. -Everyone can bring a craft item (enough for everyone) or a bunch of craft items that they have around the house & a family photo or an individual photo of themselves (1 for each family attending).
  • make and decorate a frame for each family.
  • This can be a great holiday tradition filling your tree for years to come. This is a great way to sit back and relax yet get involved with your family and kids on Christmas leading to lots of nice conversation.

Photo Frame Construction.
  • Save your Spaghetti Jar lids and paint, cover with old wrapping paper,or stickers.
  • Use cardboard saved from boxes on your shopping trips to the grocery stores.
  • Use the cardboard from old food/cereal boxes
  • Use foam trays from meat packages(sanitize) and cut to size.
  • Frozen Juice lids
Decorating Frame Decoration

Glitter, Dried Flowers,Wrapping paper, Colored Tape, Stickers, pom poms (made from old yarn), old material scraps made from too small clothes. The sky's the limit.
Rules for White Elephant Exchange
  1. When having a White Elephant Gift exchange, Explain the rules and I suggest telling everyone no crummy gifts. Tell them to bring along the gift and to wrap it
  2. Take gifts from everyone immediately and hide.The idea is for people to not know who the gift is coming from. Set them on the table right before the game or a central place.
  3. Roll dice or draw names to pick the order you go in then seat people in that order.
  4. Have the first person choose a gift to unwrap.
  5. Have the next person choose and open a gift. Now this is where it gets interesting. The person has a choice of whether to keep the gift they opened, or to "steal" an already opened gift from a previous person. If they steal a gift, they take that gift and give their unwanted gift to the person they stole from. That person then gets the option of stealing from someone else. You can declare a gift "safe" after a preset number of times so it cannot be stolen anymore. Go to the next person in order and repeat. The exchange continues until every gift has been opened and the last person has kept their gift.
I Hope this helps make your Christmas Bright and Merry and God Bless All!!

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