Nov 10, 2008


Coupons will save you so much money if you do it right.
This is time consuming at first and takes dedication.
Have faith, I've been told it will get easier -lol
In general - use on sale items to get the best deal.

1. Buy 2-3 Sunday Papers and/or buy them on eBay.
2. Join an free online coupon community.
3. Get at least 2 bi-fold coupon organizers. (Target has these for $1 each)
4. Clip away and file
- File these into different categories according to what you use and your needs.
5. Sign up for coupons online and print them.
6. Shop the weekly ads - some you can find early posted online.
7. Match up your coupons to the ads.
-Most stores will accept 1 in-store coupon(check your limit) and 1 manufacture coupon per item.
-If you buy multiples, use multiples. (this is where buying 2-3 papers comes in)
-Look for Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales and use a coupon on each item or better yet use a b1g1f coupon on that b1g1f sale and both items end up being free.
-Check the stores online website coupons - a lot of times you can use 1 online, 1 in ad, and 1 manufacture coupon per item.
-Get your store discount cards (like Price Chopper, CVS , Walgreen's etc.)
8. My favorite couponing site is

This may be overwhelming at first but take your time its more fun that way.

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