Mar 7, 2012

DIY Shower Bar using Electrical Conduit

Here is one of our newest Projects. 

My husband is to thank for this one.

Our dilemma was that we needed a wider and longer shower bar
 to hang over our Claw foot Bath Tub.

The one that comes with the faucet kit at the Depot
 isn't quite big enough 
and it makes the shower curtain cling to your body.

It is not much fun taking a shower 
when you have to fight off the shower curtain lol.

The original rod is in the center.
See how much larger the new one is.

For this project,
My husband borrowed Pipe Benders from 
 his buddy Brian and used galvanized Electrical Conduit.
I was amazed how light weight the pole was.
My husband did a great job.


Today, I disconnected my Gas Service.

Yep, I am serious.
Today, I disconnected my Gas service.

We recently had an  electric furnace installed
 because our gas furnace was defective.

(and oh boy that is another story all in itself)

Bye Bye Gas Smell, 
.................................and GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!

Anyone who tells you that natural gas is not harmful, do your research.
 We experienced a natural gas leak for over 2 years.

 I continually had headaches,sinus issues, stomach aches and just felt crummy alot.
My young daughter also had stomach aches.

So.. TODAY was a huge day for me 
in my little world 
I was so excited to hear that I also get a refund. 

 Love It!!!

On top of that, we get a reduced rate from the Electric company.
I know that Through strife, God gives us a silver lining.